• Refinery29


    Conceptual pitch work for the popular fashion/lifestyle website Refinery29. We created a fully functional ipad prototype …

  • Raise Our Flag

    Raise Our Flag

    Unlike nearly every other country, the United States government does not provide any funding to Team …

  • Team USA

    Team USA

    The USOC is the massive non-profit organization that makes the American Olympic dream possible. They have …

  • X Games

    X Games

    Truth be told, the X Games are awesome. However, they are struggling with how to be …

  • Business Of Your Brain

    Business Of Your Brain

    I worked closely with Art Director/Designer Adam Gloo to flesh out the interface, animations, infographics, and …

  • Kilter Films

    Kilter Films

    Conceptual directions for the Kilter Films bumper.

  • Super Art Fight

    Super Art Fight

    Nerds. Art. Music. A battle to death…what else could you ask for?

  • Particle


    Deep space fascinates me. Whether it’s films like Event Horizon, and Sunshine or just a special …

  • Dewars


    Tell us what you believe is worth doing and Dewars just might make it happen! Conceptual …

  • The “Face” Cards

    The “Face” Cards

    A fake playing card set that plays with the idea of a “face” card.

  • Club Fit

    Club Fit

    Imagine walking into a gym and being teleported back to an action movie from the 80′s …